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Web application with Ajax and Jquery

Sometimes when writing web applications you want to have a snappy experience, by not loading different pages with each page request, using Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript) you can load only parts of a page from the server for instance, this can save bandwidth and can render your web application more responsive.

Ajax (also AJAX) short for asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of interrelated Web development techniques used on the client-side to create asynchronous Web applications.

Tips: Managing file storage in Laravel 4

In this tutorial, we are going to upload files and have functionality to delete again using the Laravel PHP framework, most parts in this tutorial use pure PHP whiles some parts require a knowledge of Laravel. We start by creating a Laravel application in a project folder of your choice. If your not familiar with creating Laravel projects refer to the documentation on the Laravel website.

Creating your first PHP program with XAMPP

We are now going to move on to server side scripting language, we are going to create a PHP application for the web. To begin this tutorial, you need a PHP server, either installed on your computer or perhaps a hosting service provider. For the purpose of this tutorial we are going to use XAMPP. XAMPP bundles all the PHP and MySQL server that you need to run the program we are about to code, so to begin head over to XAMPP download and install the application.

Creating a Java GUI program with Netbeans

After creating our first program and choosing the right IDE we are now going to create a Java GUI program. In our first tutorial we created a Java program that runs in the console, that means it doesn't have a Graphical User Interface and so you'd have to type out commands in order to use the and navigate the program, if it was a bigger program this could quickly become complex.

In our first tutorial we learned all about programming languages and then we created a Hello World program using the programming language Java, a text editor called SciTE and the command prompt, through that article there was mention of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) let's take a look at some great IDE's available out there some are open source and some are license based.

Basic programming

To start off this tutorial series we are going to learn the very brief basics of programming, and in traditional programming nature we are going to create a hello world program using the Java language as a starting point.

Programs can run in various environments that they are written for, for instance, Linux can run C/C++ code, OS X can run Objective C/Swift code and Windows can run C#/VB code. The Java Runtime Environment may be installed on top of these operating systems among others essentially making Java programs cross-platform.