You are you and only you

You are you and only you

Life is very strange, if you are fortunate enough you will grow up in an environment that nurtures your abilities, enhances your foresight and caters to your every need, a happy home ideally and perhaps find it easier to identify yourself. 

With the passing of time, we go through many phases of oneself, from our humble beginnings, toddler stages, young children growing, our teenage years, the crazy varsity years "lol", the professional young adult life, starting our own families, maturing, old age and our ultimate demise Cry. Seems very linear doesn't it?

You are you and only you, probably the best advice anyone can give you is "be yourself" find who you are, your values and morals don't let any stage of your life define you completely, continue growing, never stop looking for your strengths and keep improving them, over time you may change your interests and priorities change, maturity sinks in and new pressing/stressing factors dawn on you.... Ok that's quite a mouth full but you follow the idea. Your life is your own and living that life should be by your terms that enhances the being that is you.

Is it not true that you are the pilot of your own ship, you are the master here and your steering, simply be you and be honest with yourself don't try and imitate others find your path and follow it if you haven't already, follow it to your place of happiness.

Beautiful things happen when you express individuality and embrace your nature, stand up with pride, love yourself and express yourself as much as you need to and most of all be you.

Let others determine your worth and you're already lost, because no one wants people worth more than themselves. - Peter V. Brett