When in happiness

When in happiness

Time has passed and you find yourself in a happy place with perhaps your colleagues, companion, friends or maybe even family. Its all cloud nine from here smooth sailing, but hey be careful not to drop that fragile egg.

What could possibly happen to take you away from this happy place, or worse what could you possibly do to jeopardise your perfect moments, “bad friends, alcohol, grudges, insecurities” really countless and most of the time unexpected. How do you ensure you stay on cloud nine, well simply “you can’t” because life goes on and life isn’t always kind it has a way of just sailing down in the most random of times, so it is really hard to determine how happy you are to stay or how long, because surely most people would love to stay happy for all their lives, that's essentially why we keep doing what we do, to find happiness, we do it everyday of our lives from waking up in the morning, it could be whatsoever that you do, from religious views to working hard to earn a comfortable lifestyle “money, power, control, praise, love, ecstasy”.

Being happy is a wonderful thing it is what we live to achieve “happiness” once you have it you want it to be lasting and even after it is gone the memory of it preserves the happiness that you will so cherish.

“Happiness is good keep it that way!”


This is really nice I love how you challenge readers to think beyond the points stated in your posts really nice blog I subscribed and I read all your articles

Thanks richard, I’m glad your enjoying the blog

I'm liking the way you express your thoughts in this multiple posts one really needs such enlightenment once in a while. Thank you Mr Mulaudzi i'm looking forward to reading plenty more. *subscribing