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Emotions run deep

Emotion filled illustrationHuman beings are emotional beings, we tend to have strong feelings that either brings us closer to each other or strong feelings that can force us to drift apart. Analyze situations and make a conscious decision whether to react emotionally or intelligently.

Friends like these

friends like theseWe go throughout our days interacting with people whether family, colleagues, strangers, enemies or friends, actually I would say everyone is a friend until they prove otherwise.

Jealousy makes you nasty

 I know I'm going to poke many of you with this one but the subject of the matter is real. Usually when one is jealous of another one they often end up pretending to be a companion when deep down inside they essentially long for your blessing/s.

The virtue of a promise

What does it mean when one makes a promise, its becoming apparent that the essence of a promise has become lost in the word that gets you things.

Take your pick

Every now and then more often times than usual we are faced with decisions we have to make, we all have a different way of approaching situations some are more like the next persons but that doesn't exclude us from being individuals.....

At the end of the road

At the end of the road *a message to you*

In the end of it all you find your self tangled in enraged emotions of discomfort, the strangling grip of agony creeps up the walls of your neck, a feeling of confusion strangely surrounds your thoughts and you can’t help but say “damn what if”, the end is definitely inevitable, your preceding actions determine how hard you throw the boomerang....

Decisions, decisions

Very often we find ourselves faced with an ultimatum and the decision you choose to make you will believe is the right one as you would have thought of it clearly, amongst the consequences that might arise thereafter.

When in happiness

Time has passed and you find yourself in a happy place with perhaps your colleagues, companion, friends or maybe even family. Its all cloud nine from here smooth sailing, but hey be careful not to drop that fragile egg.


So there you are clearly in a heated argument which started from something possibly as simple as snatching the last jar of beans another person in the shop had their eye on, or that packing spot which was taken from you while you where clearly indicating to go in, before you know it you have each other by the throat. This should be a good time to just stop and reassess the situation, ask your self questions are my actions in line with the wrong that I have been done or am is there a chance that I might be overreacting? is there a better way that the situation can be handled and amongst many....


What sparks hate? You know, you may be hating someone but what could have caused that?