Spend Time

Spend Time

Avoiding conflict is one thing that honestly most people struggle with, sometimes you just can't help but be in conflict with someone or thing. Even the most humble of persons finds themselves tangled up in a predicament somewhere down their journey of life.

Where did my conflict come from, when did I feel the need to protect what is rightfully mine, at first I didn't, I had no intentions of being conflicting with any one or thing but that conflict one has a way to just sneak up behind you and grab by the crotch, I hadn't realized I was in conflict until months later, indirect conflict!

I guess not all conflicts are direct though the worst could be indirect, perhaps being familiar with your conflicting individual eases the tension of uncomfortable predicaments, what do you need to do to beat your conflicting party, "spend more time" so u can grow together for the better you'll soon realize that conflict resolutions come much easier and situations are more calm to handle.

life is what happens between your plans



Neat bra. You might just inspire me to start blogging too.

indeed man, tis the way forward.