So there you are clearly in a heated argument which started from something possibly as simple as snatching the last jar of beans another person in the shop had their eye on, or that packing spot which was taken from you while you where clearly indicating to go in, before you know it you have each other by the throat. This should be a good time to just stop and reassess the situation, ask your self questions are my actions in line with the wrong that I have been done or am is there a chance that I might be overreacting? is there a better way that the situation can be handled and amongst many other questions you can ask yourself, Wouldn’t I be better off subtracting my self from this equation?

Indeed conflict does spree in the most unwanted times, the best possible thing one can do is try and come up with a resolution, well that is of course after throwing a tantrum and chances are things got worse until one realises “pheww okey I'm calm now” and ready to settle this in a organised manor. Now imagine if that moment had come earlier I'm confident that things wouldn’t be as deep as they are in the current state.

So think fast and react smartly, every body gets angry but nobody needs to let their anger cloud their judgement I believe your a totally different person when acting out of anger and being angry can cause people to do things which could have a negative effect towards them and their conflicting partner, even at times without being aware of it or thinking its the best thing to be doing at that state.

How does one resolve conflict, confrontation? ignorance? timeout? a complete cut out? just walk away?

The first human being who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization.  Sigmund Freud