The new you and the new me

The new you and the new me

Everything comes to an end, too much of anything can kill, every part of nature seeks to find a balance.

These opening remarks are for the purpose of finding a balance in all that we do, have and feel, is it truly a thing that too much of anything is bad for you? Even too much happiness, hypothetically if one could obtain eternal happiness what would be the balancing factor or the detriment of "too much happiness"? 

Everything comes to an end ok no one can argue with this one or can we let's hear on the comments below? 

In my view and most people I asked there exists a point of origin to everything and a final point of exit, there exists a means to that end, we might not know what that is or when the "thing" will end but it will, the consequences or the means to that end may not be desirable but rest assured it will end? And when it has ended, a new balance to restore the order of nature will emerge, a new me and a new you. 

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. - Seneca