What sparks hate? You know, you may be hating someone but what could have caused that? Ever stopped in the middle of your “uuuuh i hate that person so much” speech and ask yourself why am I so hateful to this person, is it because the hate has always been in me ever since childhood, am I simply ‘hatin’ because I'm envious, maybe even the person has done you wrong in the past and you haven’t been able to forgive them yet, or you just don’t approve of what they stand for and/or their behaviour.

Well lets look at hate in this way rational and irrational. Acts which are wrong inspire rational hate which is ok right? I mean it sure is a good reason to hate on someone if you have a perfectly solid reason such as this. Hating a person because of their race, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc… is irrational, to many if you just can’t stand a person because of their ego, money, power and so forth you feel as if you put your self in a higher position than that person. But really now is it ever ok to hate?

Hate is one of the most powerful human emotions it has caused an awful amount of pain, sorrow and suffering, who knows maybe the world would be a better place without hate, where it comes from, who  knows, personally I would say “hate is taught” specifically irrational hate, you don’t just wake up and decide yepp I hate you! It boils down to your upbringing, that factor determines what is wrong and right in your eyes and it sticks with you even to an old age to a point where you pass it down to your own children.

Hatin yeah it sure is messed up isn’t it? What do I say, I say go on and hate there's really nothing wrong with a “hate button”  do it hate, hate until you cannot fathom the grounds of the  hate you bear.

“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”


Yeah hey, I feel most people hate people cause they envy them or want something that they have.
I know I h8 on some celebs sometimes yet I know deep down I wud love to do what they're doing.
If some-one hates you, you know you're doing something wrong

I meant to say 'you know you're doing something right'

I guess we can also attribute the hate that develops to envy. Thanks for the notion pietho la_labelle