Friends like these

Friends like these

friends like theseWe go throughout our days interacting with people whether family, colleagues, strangers, enemies or friends, actually I would say everyone is a friend until they prove otherwise.
Making friends is just another trend of human nature, we pick our close circles on various accounts, values and characteristics, more often than not we make friends based on mutual understanding and as friends we stand to embrace one another, when that line of mutualism is crossed we find ourselves drawing in friendship and many things send us astray.
The good in us is lost as we feel a need to rebuke against being ill-treated, as people we differ, we all know how we want to be treated and we return good gestures, if someone you regard as a friend takes advantage of your talents what do you stand to do? We all differ some of us have a back bone and some of us don't as friends we should stand to embrace each other after all "a friend in need is a friend indeed" lets not over do it to the point where it's a one way stream. 

True friendship is based on trust, honesty and sincere generosity of our hearts - Song Park


Well, sometimes, people need you, like they say: no man is an island. If you lived near a lake and always lots of water and your friend was really thirsty, you would give them right?

Is that considered exploiting you? Your friend may need you because they wouldn't be able to afford buying water at the local store or some crazy stuff like that. So, in life, we need each other, you may need that friend one day.

Very well @rudzani I think perhaps if you don't feel that your friends are becoming a burden, we all don't have the same strengths, gifts and talents, thus we would rely on each in some way or another but you can definitely do a friend a world of good if you can "teach them to fish instead"

I couldn't agree more VusMagic.

"Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity."@ Randzu .. So u would continue remaining friends with a friend who does not scratch ur back the same way u scratch his? just because : U "might" need them one day? What if that one day is not handed to you? What if only the pain&agony of how much you longed for yo friends who were never there for u is flashed back @ you?...n just because you stay @ the lake you gonna turn yourself into a natural resources for a man who thirst water like u do, yet he does not move to the lake like u and fetch water like you do? Ateast if he was sick and you helped him by fetching the water not by turning forced generosity into a daily bread...Friendship should not be kept on strings of "what if"
Il need them...
@Vusani u are right. Friendship is a strong element that needs both the north and south so that there is direction in the relationship .. Not friends who spend their time making heavy burdens and heavy measures just so you could

thanks for the observation @Glady's

Well yeah I agree with Gladys as friends, one shouldn't exploit thee other because it will become a habit and the day u stop doing good 4 ur friend they turn n say u not a real friend because they used to being spoon fed, as true friend u should sometimes say no n let them find their way if they fail that's when you will step in n help

I couldn't have said it better myself *thanks for the view @adrian

Hehehehe @Adrian that's why we gonna remain friends for many more years to come... Coz its a pleasure being yo Buddy !!!!!