At the end of the road

At the end of the road


At the end of the road *a message to you*

In the end of it all you find your self tangled in enraged emotions of discomfort, the strangling grip of agony creeps up the walls of your neck, a feeling of confusion strangely surrounds your thoughts and you can’t help but say “damn what if”, the end is definitely inevitable, your preceding actions determine how hard you throw the boomerang just like karma it will come right back at you.

At the end of conflict there is either a resolution or an indifference, no body wishes hurt for themselves, it comes unexpected and even mightier from those we hold dear, can it be avoided? Dealing with the aftermath is as good as how the end of that road was handled "and then" you step onto a new road “the road to recovery”.

One needs to determine the start of the end of their road, not looking back becomes a norm, after all when you choose to leave the past where it belongs, you make a path changing decision, looking backwards only entangles memories that should rightly sit behind a person a burden and will entitle you to remain in misery at the end of your road. *a note to me

“life has many roads the path you choose to lead determines your destiny”


WOW you finally finished it..its beautiful my really got me thinking,But it’s easier said than done hey,HOW does one let go of the past if your reminded of it everyday!!

the right mindset will leave you prosperous in what u seek to achieve, a positive attitude delivers positive results :)

Wow budy