The downs of depression

The downs of depression

Feeling blueDay in day out we are out and about striving to secure a comfortable lifestyle for ourselves and family, to glow and be happy at all times but life happens in-between those plans and you can't help but feel socially demoralised, demotivated, slowed down and sad.

Individuals have stress factors that vary, it may be exam preparations, job hunting, interaction with friends, relationships, family, finances, health and/or failure these are but a few things that can make one feel personally disappointed, frustrated, clouded or psychically depersonalised just to name a few.

How do you find the will to overcome these? Here are 10 commandments of Negative thinking by Peter Wilberg

Do NOT put pressure on yourself to.....

  • "beat" depression
  • think positively
  • be happy
  • feel good
  • succeed
  • get what you want
  • improve your sex life
  • find love and fulfilment
  • take things in your stride

It takes a lot to reach a level of depression, majority which is self inflicted by the world views we perceive, responding to depression is a process that includes going into contact with our selves, instead of looking into another person and their good fortune and comparing that to where we would like to be, for then you lose sight of your abilities, strengths and cognition.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. Abraham Lincoln