Closer should be your enemies!

Closer should be your enemies!

What drives an individual from sanity to outright destructive behaviour and/or tendencies, well its simple "Conflict One", confused?

That very first time you walk in the house and find your five year old son playing cops and robbers on top of the table, when you walk in your room and find your little sister on your computer deleting your files, a simple question such as "honey do this jeans make me look fat", by the parking area when another driver takes a parking space you where clearly signaling to go into, now I can just go on but these are the defining moments of the first conflict, that conflict one, it can be one sided, you may feel hurt then confront the other party that's when true conflict spurs "when both parties feel hurt" then your in conflict.

Its very easy to make enemies, it could be as simple as a conflict of interest or something as deep as being hurt to an extreme condition then you end up to resent a person, so this could be one sided, beware the wolf in sheep's clothing, you are better off keeping these people where you can see them that way they can't sneak up behind you and stab you.

You may often find yourself in conflict with a person even if it was pure coincidence or something more harmful, but hey when you do sit back chill out keep those who seek to harm you in your view.

most of all analyse that Conflict One