The virtue of a promise

The virtue of a promise

What does it mean when one makes a promise, its becoming apparent that the essence of a promise has become lost in the word that gets you things.

I for one find it disconcerting when one doesn't keep their word. I'm not going to sit and compare the now generation with the olden days as to which generation had more ability to keep a promise, to honor your word simply lies in a persons character, often times it boils down to ethics and the values you keep, one doesn't simply go and throw around a promise with the intend to not keep it, all but to gain something and not own up to their end.

Ok let me turn down the heat a bit since the steam has left me, now, looking at a promise why does one make a promise? You make a promise with an assurance or guarantee that something will happen and with that someone will put their trust in you to fulfill that commitment, not honouring that end can cause great conflict and often times you label yourself as untrustworthy.

One should simply not make a "promise" if they feel that there is no definite result to the pledge their are undertaking, so lets not throw the word around for our own gains because it only leaves nothing but dismay if not fulfilled.    

Promises are a lot like impressions. The second one doesn't count much. - Kristin Hannah, Distant Shores


It states hard facts - sth that we w0uld normally run away fr0m... I'd paint it in the sky

Thank you :) your words are much inspiring.

I love your good choice of words. You never seem to disappoint. Break your promise Vusani nje # you will be shonile ....

eh buddy, I'm studying for philosophy which is being written tomorrow and the author, Nietzsche, is going on and on about how liars break promises as soon as they make them.,.Only men with a "conscience" are entitled to make promises the rest aren't and according to Nietzsche, there are a lot of those without a "conscience".,.
I had no idea that you read Nietzsche for the fun of it dawg.,.lmao

Haha spot on edd "Only men with a conscience are entitled to make promises" and no I actually don't read Nietzsche *I cant even pronounce that, I will however turn an interest to it :)