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You are you and only you

Life is very strange, if you are fortunate enough you will grow up in an environment that nurtures your abilities, enhances your foresight and caters to your every need, a happy home ideally and perhaps find it easier to identify yourself

The new you and the new me

Everything comes to an end, too much of anything can kill, every part of nature seeks to find a balance. These opening remarks are for the purpose of finding a balance in all that we do, have and feel, is it truly a thing that too much of anything is bad for you? Even too much happiness

Easy come, easy go

True to the cliche easy come, easy go, what took little to no effort to acquire can just as easly be lost. What do we deserve to be entitled to? If you acquire something "legally that is" with little to no effort you are more likely not to treasure it as much as the one that you could have worked so hard for, the worth of the no effort object is minimal so much as something that is handed to you

Promises to yourself

Time flies by so quickly or at times can feel as though time is standing still. We set off in enthusiastic pace to make all these promises to ourselves....

Resolutions come easy

A new year has come and now you are faced with the dreaded trivia of setting new year's resolutions, or at least you where a few weeks ago, no need to....

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